We drive right across Europe that all things on which everyday-life depends, continue to work. We transport goods precisely to the place where they are needed!

Today I woke up really early, even before Kurt woke me up. Kurt is my driver and has already taken me through the whole of Europe. And today we’re on our way to Scotland!
Our first stop is Tyrol, where Johann is waiting for us with a lorry-load of logs. We’re taking them up to the "rugged north” so that they can be made into floors. Our next job is to deliver finished floors from a Scottish factory to Belgium.

And a major reason why everything runs so smoothly, is down to Roxana, Elisabeth and Christoph. They sit in our offices and plan our journeys.
On our arrival in Belgium we receive a call from our dispo. Our final destination is Hannover, where we pick up insulation-material and take it down to Switzerland. Then it’s back home again to Mönichkirchen. Exhausted, I get back to the garage, where I immediately fall asleep and dream of my next exciting journey with Kurt!