Our philosophy

Good partnerships with customers and hauliers

The commercial success of TORG GmbH is largely due to the expertise and tireless dedication of our staff who analyse the requirements of our customers in great depth in order to draw up tailor-made plans and professional logistics solutions.
An open management style and the ability to work in a team throughout the company also play their part. A performance-oriented approach to business and swift decision-making processes enable us to achieve an efficient flow of information and, as a result, to come up with equally swift solutions to the problems our customers face.

Our planet concerns all of us!

The environment matters to all of us. That’s why the services we provide are economic and ecological at the same time. We have managed to build up a highly efficient transport network in Europe to avoid unnecessary journeys and empty kilometres to reduce air pollution wherever possible.

According this, our fleet consists low-emission vehicles (emissions classes euro IV and V) and is state-of-the-art.
Obviously, we also adopt a hands-on approach to caring about our environment in our offices – we practise waste separation and avoid using paper. Above all, in those sectors of industry which place a particular burden on the environment, it is up to each and every company to play their part.